Self-study course for data providersΒΆ

The screen-cast videos below are a complement to the existing documentation. They show how to get a new data node running. Before starting, you should have read the quick-start guide for people who wish to add their own data to VAMDC.

Once you decide you want an own VAMDC data node, it is time to look into the node-software manual which contains all information covered below, and more.

The following recorded terminal sessions put into practice these instructions and cover the involved steps in a concise walk-through.

A few remarks before you start watching:

  • A basic familiarity with the linux command line is a prerequisite for understanding. Basic knowledge in the Python programming language is recommended.
  • The videos are not “video” per se, but recorded text. This allows you, for example, to copy and paste from what you see.
  • There are controls for play/pause and slower/faster playback.
  • Audio commentary is available through YouTube, see this playlist.

The screencasts:

#1 Installing the software and its prerequisites: Start.

#2 A tour around the files: Start.

#3 Connecting to a MySQL database: Start.

#4 The data model: Start.

#5 The dictionaries: Start.

#6 The query function: Start.
#6a Supplementary: Start.

#7 Deployment: Start.

#8 Validation and filling the database: Start.

If you are interested in the VirtualBox image of the virtual machine that was use to create the above recordings, including snapshots bewteen each step, it is available upon request to .