Example of spectroscopic node


This example uses some data from Chianti: a few records from each table. The data are provided in ASCII tables. To read them into the database, I include mapping files for the VAMDC publishing software, which is the approved way of loading the database.

The mapping generates files states.out and lines.out which supply the tables states and transitions [1] respectively. The third table, species, is derived from the states table by an SQL command. The SQL script schema.sql creates the empty tables [2] and ingest.sql fills them.

The Python files modelling the node are adapted from the Chianti node running in the 12.07 system and therefore need that edition of the node software. When you have that tree of software installed on the demonstration machine, you should copy these Python files from this page into the directory NodeSoftware/nodes/tignanello/node/ [3].

You then need to edit NodeSoftware/nodes/tignanello/settings.py to get a runnable node. I’ve included on this page a settings.py that should work if your RDBMS is MySQL, set up according to the infrastructure checklist elsewhere in this tutorial package.